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12 Gauge Golf Club

Airplane Moisturizer

Alarm Fork

All Terrain Stroller

Angel Ears

Anti-Eating Mouth Cage

Aqua Swing

Arm Mitten

Baby Bottom Art

Baby Cage

Baby Patter

Baby Shower

Back Buzzer

Bag Man

Ball Blinders

Banana Head

Banana Suitcase

Bat Boy

Batter Biter

Beach Boots


Be The Bike!

Big Ash Bib

Big Balls

Big Hair Hat

Bino Cap

Bionic Exersuit

Birdman of Alcatraz

Bird Powered Blimp

Bird Trap Cat Feeder

Blind Spot Toy

Boat Ball

Boatless Water Skiing

Body Catcher

Body Sail

Boob Tube

Bowling Sight

Brace Yourself

Brain Buzzer

Bubble Head

Bulletproof Buttocks

Bulletproof Desk

Bumper Dumper

Bunny Syringe

Butt Cleavage Pants

Butt Master

Calf Carrier

Camp Comfort

Cheese Filtered Cigarette

Chin Pump

Chin Putter

Chute 'N Shoes

Club Cooler

Cool Shoes

Cow Gas

Cranial Greeting Card

Cranium Cooler

Crash Wing

Cricket Gun

Crunch Protector

Cry No More

Cup 'O' Golf

Cyborg Massage

Dad Saddle

Dance Fever

Day Knight


Deer Ears

Diaper Alarm

Dieter's Dam

Dimple Drill

Dog Bumper

Doggie Luggage

Doggie Umbrella

Dog Hoser

Dog Watch

Duck Decoy

Duck Shield

Dumb Bo

Dummy Chicken Farmer

Ear Anchors

Earless Eyewear

Earthquake House

Ear Tubes

Electro Fishing

Extreme Comb Over

Face Flexor

Fashion Papoose

Fin Flappers

Fingernail Fanatic

Fingertip Toothbrush

Fish Bath

Floating Furniture

Floating Shade

Flood Bag

Flying Bike

Flying Fish

Flying Saucer Submarine

Flying Turtle

Fly Trap

Foot Elevator

Foot Hoops

Fowl Spoon

Gas Factory

Gas Grabber

Geek Pouch

Geek Gear

Gerbil Shirt

Get The Shaft

Golf Chimes

Golf Made Simple

Golf Schwing

Golf Wand

Goofy Goalies

Goose Head

Gourd Head

Greenhouse Helmet

Gums Glove

Half Wit

Hand Near Mouth Alarm

Happy Camper

Hat Tether

Head Boom

Head Napkin

Heat Chic

Helmet Bar

Hijacker Injector

Horse Diaper

Hospital Happiness

Hot Head

Human Car Wash

Hurricane Bed

Hurricane House

Imaginary Friend

Inch Worm

Insect Balls


Insomniac Helmet

Instant Face Lift

Jacques Fido

Jet Propulsion Golf Club

Jump, No Rope

Junior Jail

Keg Head

Killer Bee Bunker

Kissing Shield

Kling Tut

Knee Pad Ear Muffs

Knee Skates

Laser Twister

Leaf Chaps

Life Expectancy Watch

Light Bulb Changer

Lightning Ribbons

Lip Clip

Loopy Lou

Man Catching Tank

Marilyn Manson Exercise Suit

Meditation Bag

Milk Gun

Mitt Cap

Motorcycle Airbag

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Motorized Picnic Table

Mouse Puppet

Neck Fanny Pack

Nose Wipe

Numb Thumb

Paddle Wheel Plane

Pants Pointer

Pantyhose 3x

Pet Petter

Pet Shower

Pet Toilet

Phone Gas

Pied Piper

Pillow Crash Helmet

Pogo Shoes

Pointy Pointer

Portable Nuclear Shelter

Portable Pet Potty

Portable Spittoon

Prehistoric Rollerblade

Propeller Leg

Pump Mud Flaps

Pump Power

Purse Protection

Putt 'N Reel

Quad Power

Quick Draw McGraw

Radar Head

Rain Curtain

Rain Dome

Redundant Recumbent

Reel, No Rod

Remote Controlled Horse

Robo Skater

Roller Cane

Roller Putter

Safety Poncho

Saggy Bottoms

Scary Fingers

Senseless Scooter

Shin Ski

Shoulder Saddle

Shoulder Stick


Sit N Surf

Skateboard Pirate

Skate Scooter

Ski Brake

Ski Fan

Skin Stencil

Ski Tutor

Sky Skier

Sled Pants

Sleep Sponge

Slingshot Golf

Smell This

Smokers Hat

Snake Walker

Snowboard Bumper

Sno Moto

Speak & Swing

Spitting Duck

Sponge Bob Foot Pads

Spoon Truss

Squabble Shield

Squatting Deer

Stud Spectacles

Sub Dermal Watch

Subliminal Glasses

Sunburn Cowboy

Super ATV Dude

Super Trash Man

Surf Donut

Surfing Ship

Swing Shift

Swing Sticks

T2 - The Hair Machine

T3 - The Bionic Golfer

Tabletop Golf

Thumb Sucking Inhibitor

Time Temp Glasses

Toilet Landing Lights

Toilet Snorkel

Toilet Timer


Trash Burner & Barbeque Pit

Travel Relief

Travel Washing Machine

Tree Tugger

Tricycle Lawnmower

Truth Extractor

Ultimate Lounger

Ultimate Umbrella

Ultra Ski

Underwater Breathing Mask

Uphill Skiing

Waterbed Womb

Wearable Dog House

Web of Intrigue

Western Skater

Whopper Wheels

Wig Flipper

Wild West Mouse Trap

Windmill Boat

Windy Wheels

Windy Widget

Wingless Wonder

Wiz Pouch

Wonder Butt Bra

Wrist Rod

Zero Gravity Squeezebox

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